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Affiliate Program Overview

Calling all industry Friends…

We understand that relationships are at the heart of this industry. People make decisions on product based on personal experience with people and a competitive price.

VidIO created the Affiliate program for this purpose. The program allows us to pay our industry friends as affiliates to promote and share our products. This allows links and videos to be shared promoting products on their own channels, as well as receive commission on sales generated through their promotion

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

We provide the tools and custom affiliate code for each industry Friend.

This tracks all sales and leads that were shared by the affiliate and ensures payment.

Advantages of participating in our Channel-friendly Affiliate Program:

Friendly Affiliate Program:

Easy to use tools and resources

Easily track sales and activity

Receive Commission on sales generated through your network via Venmo

Interested in Becoming a Dealer or Affiliate?

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