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How VidIO Systems helps
Educational Institutions
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Source the Best Possible Hardware for Your Education Customer

When it comes to educational facilities, there are significant differences between preschool, elementary, high school, and college campuses. And this means physical security investments also have to be customizable to fit the location, age level, and balance between open and protected.

Video and access control are often at the root of strategy within these locations, and sourcing the right components to fit these needs is critical.

That’s where VidIO can help your business by providing the right hardware components for your next education-focused project.

VidIO Systems can help you:

Design the optimal system for educational institutions.
Make decisions with customized consulting and support.
Streamline the ordering process.
Provide top Quality equipment and warranties

Challenges to Overcome

For colleges and universities, open campuses can mean less control for ingress and egress points. In elementary and high schools, balancing protection of students and staff with a welcoming environment requires a significant amount of foresight and planning. Video is central to the security strategy of each of these, and sourcing the right components to meet stringent goals is paramount.
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