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VidIO Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

VidIO Systems solves a big problem in the physical security industry: Sourcing the right materials for integrators and partners. The goal is to simplify the way hardware is purchased and managed by offering an easy-to-use portal to identify and order critical components that push the industry forward toward a greater convergence between technology and execution. 

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Dealer or affiliate partners who are registered as part of our network of partners (you can get registered here):

There are two ways to become a partner: either by becoming an affiliate or dealer through our partner program. 

Step 1: Register to become an affiliate or dealer through our website. 

Step 2: VidIO Systems will confirm your identity and help you set up your profile. 

Step 3: Access hundreds of hardware components for your customers. 

Step 4: Complete projects on time, on budget, and with the help of VidIO Systems. 

More about the partner program here: 

An affiliate acts as an ambassador for other sales executives or their integrator partners to help source the best possible hardware (and receive a portion of the sales through VidIO Systems). More about becoming an affiliate can be found here: 

A dealer partner is an integrator or installer who can join join VidIO Systems and access critical video-related hardware they need to complete client projects without having to wait for long periods of time from manufacturers. Dealer partners can also create their own e-commerce sites to help boost sales. More about becoming a dealer partner can be found here:

VidIO Systems wants to make sure all partners are legitimate, so there’s a short process for dealers and affiliates to apply. During sign-up, there’s paperwork to fill out which can be assisted by the accounting department, who will ensure everything is completed. VidIO Systems uses a platform called GoAffPro, as well as emails, to communicate with dealers and affiliates throughout the process.

GoAffPro allows the users to receive payments in couple different formats. We currently are set up to use Paypal as payment but are continually looking at other ways to compensate organizations through direct deposits. Check back for updates to this process.

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